I will never have all the answers but what I learn, I will share.

Lately the theme in my lesson, devotional and what I hear from the sermons is about how faith and fear are complete opposites.  Is it normal to fear?  I have often thought about that question and have gone into deep thought lately. We weren’t created to fear, although it is an emotion we are capable of.  We are capable of many things but that doesn’t mean that in was in God’s plan for us to experience.

I truly believe that although there are certain things that are out of our control, they are never out of God’s control.  Our positive thinking (or rather faith) can shape our lives and future. God is able to do anything and everything for us but it is dependent on our faith, how much do we believe He is capable and able and willing to do for us.  In the book of Matthew, there are many accounts written of Jesus healing during His ministry but there is a common denominator through most of those incidents of healing.  He is found telling those he healed that it was because of their faith or because they believed.

I’ve experienced those same things in my life.  When I believe that God will come through for me, He always does.  Not everything has gone my way or well in my life but when I leave things in His hands, I always come out better on the other side.

We complicate our lives way too much and try to control way too much.  We will go through hardships, that’s a given, but like I said before, if I can’t control it then I will do what I can and leave it in His hands.  What else am I supposed to do?  If worrying about things actually accomplished something, then I’d be an expert at it and train hard to worry as much as I could.  But it doesn’t, so I’ve decided to live life a bit more simple than most would like to do.  Be angry less, argue less, never be resentful, love more, forgive more, let things slide off your shoulder more and enjoy the people God has placed in your life.